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Prepare for the october wartune event

i always prepare for for future events … i could say i quite a  collector. So i got my fair share a free things .. (mounts whips gems)

- don`t spend any of soul crystals till the list of  october wartune events will be live (or atleast the preview)

- keep in your vault gems. lvl 4-5-6 gems (we already had 2 of those events)

- keep whips

I always stack spire chest and tok chest .. i noticed the drop is better when you open them in high number.

For all who spent souls/whips this month my little advice is: till the list of october events will be posted and we/you make the count of things/shards to be exchanged keep saving because probably next month you wont be able to exchange for valuable mounts etc .. so better save them for november.

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